A Healthy Transportation System will satisfy the demand of
your customers hence building a better relationship.

Building Better Ties


Specialized Inland distribution service in transporting cargo thorough Malaysia and Singapore. All our transportation
services commits to 1 day delivery time guarantee.

When to outsource

Specialized Inland distribution service in transporting
cargo thorough Malaysia and Singapore. All our transportation services commits to 1 day delivery time guarantee.

  • Reduce overhead cost

    Reduce overhead cost

    The cost of maintaining truck fleets, insurance and additional employee payrolls will eat into your profits.

  • Focus on targets

    Focus on targets

    Let us handle the gritty details while you focus on what you do best, expanding your business

  • Expertise Service

    Expertise Service

    You can leverage on our dedicated service route with a fraction of the cost of acquiring one yourself. FTL & LTL are available to your needs

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Rejected Cargos, Import & Export Duties, Procuring Delivery Documents is all in a days work for us. We are always ready to lend a helping hand.

About Lori Hup Soon

Our Story

Founded by Mr Yeo Kia Song on 1974, he saw the need to cater to a every growing demand for cross border trucking (Malaysia – Singapore). He has single handedly transform a humble business of 1 truck to now serving more than 200 company's and counting. He believes that transportation is not only a means of getting the goods from point A to point B but as a means of connecting business and people together as evidence of our 40 decades support from our customers.

Motto : Building Better Ties – A Healthy Transportation System will satisfy the demand of your customers thus building a better relationship.

“Even the most innovative product is useless unless it gets to the hands of the user.” – Anonymous

How We Work

Only 3 steps that get your cargo to your customer.

All orders are organized FEW DAYS AHEAD according to their route and distance to achieve cost efficiency for our clients and also ourselves.

We have a policy to always help our customer the best we can because even if we cannot provide all the solutions in the world, at least we make you satisfy with our service

All of our Drivers practices a delivery time of 1 Day to Singapore and Malaysia. So we really mean what we say about being a dedicate transport provider.

Far too many companies has often overlook the most important aspect of their products and services – ensuring the goods arrive on time with the right quantity.

We manage a part of your supply chain. We achieve this by Looking at the 3 essentials ingredients: Assets – Process - Information

What is LOGISTICS – the movement of goods from the origin to its destination through a series of chain of supplies. 1 in flexibility.

Business logistics has already evolve from the simple carriage from point to point to complex internetworks of globalized supplied chains. This is where we will cut through the fog & give you the insights to reduce inefficiency and dead inventory.

Successful business such as Wal-Mart & Dell Computers understood the important of a solid logistic foundation. Successful Deliveries = Satisfying Customers.

Our Client

Our customers have TRUST us to BUILT their business tremendously. Question is are you on board ?

Customers saying about us

We have always rely on our customers honest feedback as you are always encouraging us to put in ‘the extra mile’ in our
ourselves to serve you better. Over 200 customers and counting has enjoy our services for more than 40 years. Find out
why they have stick by us for all these times !

“Glad to find a good & reliable transport company like yours more than 20 years ago. Thank you for the great working relationship.”

PH Tan, General Manager

“We have our fair share of crisis due to unforseen circumstances but these hindrances have always further strengthened our partnership through principles of cooperation, mutual trust and respect. Mr Yeo you are the model of excellence to your industry and profession and the quality of your staff and service level is a reflection of your leadership.”

Wong Fook Choon, Director

“Hup Soon transport has achieve our Transporter Performance rating for 2014,  90 out of 100 possible points. We hope that the above will be a guide to your company in providing us better services in near furture.”

Haji Omar, Logistic Department Head

“Biz partnership for 40 years !  It’s amazing and hard to come by ! To maintain such cordial working relationship, the recipe is a lot of patience/tolerance/mutual respect/understanding/professionalism We appreciate your valued supports and wish your biz will grow to another height. Thank you.”

Corinne Teoh, Logistics Manager

Lorry Fleet

  • Lorry Type : Box
    Capacity Weight : 2.5 tonne
    Lorry L x W x H : 12ft x 6ft x 5ft
  • Lorry Type : Curtain-Sided
    Capacity Weight : 15 tonne
    Lorry L x W x H : 30ft x 8ft x 8ft
  • Lorry Type : Open Cargo
    Capacity Weight : 10 tonne
    Lorry L x W x H : 20ft x 7.9ft x 8ft
  • Lorry Type : Open Cargo
    Capacity Weight : 13 tonne
    Lorry L x W x H : 26ft x 7.9ft x 8ft
  • Lorry Type : Open Cargo/
    Capacity Weight : 20 tonne
    Lorry L x W x H : 40ft x 8ft x 8ft

Estimated Trucking Capacity Guide
*Standard size plts : 3.8ft x 3.8ft x 3.8ft

2.5 tonne = 3 plts
10 tonne = 10 plts
13 tonne = 12 plts
15 tonne = 14 plts
20 tonne = 20 plts

Our logistics network

This map includes are service route in Both Countries, Malaysia & Singapore
Daily trips to Singapore and Malaysia

Even the most innovative product is useless
unless it gets to the hands of the user.

We are on the road 6 days a week

Our Careers

We are currently looking for awesome candidates to join our awesome team to go on our awesome mission together.

“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it . . . ;
Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.”
– David Ogilvy -

  • Get paid
    the things
    you want

    Here at Hup Soon, we believe personal growth is important to your overall wellbeing as many of us wants to reach our peak self. Just consult us regarding the area you want to improve on and we will fund for your training or books you want.

  • Complimentary

    You've got to ask yourself a question: 'do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk? – Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood.
    We love movies as much as you do that’s why we encourage our staffs to enjoy a night out with their favorite movies. This is just one of the many perks we offer in our company. *Please leave your favorite movie list in your resume

  • An Open

    I am sure we have all experience some kind of abuse from the traditional hierarchy work structure. Hup Soon was built upon a foundation of open culture of different ethnics and races. We believe in a work culture that promotes open communication hence the lack of borders in our office.

We are currently hiring these job positions :

Minimum SPM requirement
Training will be provided
Must possess GDL licence for 9 m/t and above
Have experience in this industry for at least 2 years

Interested candidate, kindly send your resume to careers@lorihupsoon.com

Get In Touch With Us

Your Enquiry, Our Service. Welcom to Drop Us a message

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